Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. Oz's Guide to Creating Germs at Work and screwing over the Disabled

Dr. Oz had this very germy idea for the lazy girl's guide to exercise. Simply use someone else's toilet. Obviously, you wouldn't want to really sit on it, so you would just squat over it and then the obvious would happen making that toilet extremely gross and not useable by anyone else. Furthermore, because MOST people prefer the handicap toilet, we are going to have many people in wheelchairs without a toilet to use because Dr. Oz didn't care enough to encourage us to use the toilet properly. DR. OZ NEEDS TO GET A LIFE AND STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THOSE WHO ARE LESS CAPABLE THEN HE IS!

We do not need yet another reason why those in wheelchairs can't use public facilities. We already insist on clogging their toilets - the only ones they can fit their wheelchairs into, in most cases. We already refuse to use the other toilets, and instead make those who need the handicap accessible toilet wait while we sit for several minutes as if they really do not need to be bothered with.

If the lazy girls are too lazy to take the stairs, then let them die because we in wheelchairs do not need them making our lives any more hellish then it already is! We deserve equal rights and that includes in the public facilities where most people don't give a darn about us!

Dr. Oz already refused to accommodate the JAWS user who does their own grocery shopping. His JPG image to bring with to the grocery store is NOT accessible for MANY DISABILITIES! What about those who need certain colours? What about those who use a special reader when they grocery shop? What about those who need it in a larger print? Dr. Oz is not informed on special needs of those with various disabilities. And, his web form receives millions of submissions in which those that need to be addressed goes ignored. This is why I post it here because eventually, my negative comments against Dr. Oz is going to be heard by someone in his organization and maybe I will be taken seriously!

Thanks for letting me rant!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

To Allow or Not to Allow, that is the Question

Should we ban abortions after 21 days because the heart is beating and in a living person if the heart is beating, then the person isn't really considered dead? Or should we ban vasectomies for men because if we are going to ban women from doing something then we should be fair and ban men too?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rant Alert: Peanut Gallery and "Christians"

I just need to get this off my chest. And no, this will not be cross-posted on my website. This is my reality. Meds are NOT a cure for YOUR ignorance. I can NOT take a med and get rid of YOUR actions that make life extremely difficult for me! My allergies are NOT curable by a stupid pill!

Peanut Gallery - It never ceases to amaze me how many Christians have ridiculed me and told me I should not kiss my mate on the day he eats what I am allergic too and how they do this all the time and never had a bad reaction. I guarantee you that those who say this have NEVER landed in the hospital and do NOT carry an Epi-pen and do NOT have a TRUE ALLERGY! And, no, I will not join any Christian forum because I am so sick and tired of the verbal abuse I get from so-called believers! Sorry, but I have been rejected by every believer I have come into contact with when I accidentally mention my food allergies. I can't get a date because of my allergy to chicken and beef. I have been told too many times that my allergies are not that bad, and that a kiss won't kill me! I am sick and tired of Christians playing doctor! Show me your medical degree and then we'll talk! Until then, beep the hell off! Sorry, but I am so upset with so-called "Christians" that I am rejecting ALL American Believers on the band "Allergy" and the movie Erasehead, plus a few other things.

I've been rejected 5 times in 4 weeks on the Chicken and Beef allergy alone. I've been told that they won't go to a rugby game because they aren't into Rugby. I've been told that I should go to their boring American Football game or Baseball game and that me not being into it is NOT a valid excuse!

So tell me, what IS the difference? They are being extremely discriminatory. Why the bloody hell should I get out of my comfort zone and bore myself to death with their stupid arrogant games when they refuse to give me the same courtesy? Why? WHY?! Because their interest are what is "normal" to the country they live in and if you aren't into what is the most popular thing in the country then you are extremely wrong and should get with the program immediately! Can I tell them to beep off? Of course not, because that would be swearing without actually swearing.

Discrimination drives me nuts! I have been told that I should be able to find something I can eat no matter where we eat out! I love the idiots who know my food requirements better then I do!  I am told that my measuring stick is too high is the number one reason why I am not married. Truthfully, they ARE correct! I should be suicidal just like they are so I too, can marry! Difference is I would be physically suicidal instead of spiritually suicidal. It is still suicide either way. No real difference. Death is death. Sure, you can still breath long enough to spit satanic venom to whomever is in hearing range and I won't be able to. But, surely, that really isn't enough of a difference, is it? I would at least see Jesus a whole lot sooner!

And, can't we really argue that Jesus was all about worshiping whatever is the most popular, the most "normal"? Doesn't He want us all to be just like Him? If you listen to Christians long enough, you'll believe that church is suppose to be segregated by ability and often race. You'll believe that Jesus hates those with sensitivities to scents. Jesus hates those who are deaf and only wants them to go to special deaf churches as we who are not deaf should never learn sign language (I'm trying to learn sign language). Jesus hates the gays and those in wheelchairs, have down syndrome, and so on. Jesus would never have anything to do with these people and neither shall we. LIES! ALL OF IT IS LIES!

Truth is, Jesus loves ALL OF US right where we are now! He is a friend to all no matter what or who that person is - including abilities and allergies! So why do we practice hate then? Why do we insist on living in fear, making decisions based on fear? We have allowed Satan to rob us of our joy and replace that joy with fear.

Do I have fear? Yes, I am very afraid of going to church because you have shown me cause to be very afraid. Sure, it is my choice to be afraid. However, it is extremely difficult to attend a place of worship that has become a hostile environment. It is hard to attend a place that practices murder of those with the wrong allergies. See anaphylatic to certain scents like potpourri and cinnamon. See my arrogant father who insist that apple-cinnamon tea be served at HIS church when HIS daughter is extremely allergic to Cinnamon by smell and carries an epi-pen. I am not welcomed at his church. He is not the pastor, it is just the church he attends. My church met at another church that insisted that potpourri be in the bathroom. I'm anaphylactic. So, find another church. I prefer messianic synagogues. These are somewhat rare. Good luck! I don't attend church. Matter of a fact, I am so angry with you (yes I'm trying to not be angry and forgive instead) that I do NOT read the Bible on a regular basis and do NOT pray on a regular basis. I know how God is and do believe, but I have lost hope in this society. I'm trying to get hope back. It is hard to get hope back when you have lived in an hostile environment your entire life and get only venom yelled at you by stupid people who think that Jesus is their god. He isn't.

Can you really Kiss them if they ate something you're allergic too?

It is rare that someone dies from a kiss, however, it is possible. The reason why it is rare is because most people who marry someone who has landed in the hospital from a severe reaction has made the choice to avoid those foods as well, for the safety of their mate. This means that No, it is not okay for you to tell me that I just don't kiss my mate that day when he has ate something I am very allergic too. We do not know how long that protein lasts in an active state that might kill me. (Bold wasn't working.)

Yes, you may argue that Tree Nut and Peanut allergies are so lethal that of course we need to be more careful with these allergies. I would argue, however, that we need to be careful regardless of what the allergy is - especially if they are severely allergic. If you carry an epi-pen for the allergy, then you should be wary of kissing your mate if they ate what you are allergic too. The more severe the allergy, the more likely your eating of that item can kill your mate. I do know of one person who avoids certain foods because his wife is extremely allergic.

Currently, I am unaware of any studies that are testing how long a particular food protein remains active. I do know that anecdotal evidence is being taken very seriously, which is why the death of a teenager received such wide spread attention. I have to be extremely careful of Avian proteins. He eats Chicken, for example, I won't be able to kiss him until he's seen a dentist and had a professional cleaning that includes flossing. Overkill? I react to the poultry lorry (truck) driving by and react to simply walking into KFC. I would rather be safe then sorry!  However, a very good floss job and teeth cleaning job - that includes the cleaning of the tongue, should work even if this isn't done by a dentist. I would recommend using an electric water jet to help remove the food particles that you just loosened between your teeth.

Do speak with your dentist about proper techniques to get your teeth and mouth as clean as possible at home. Mention your mates severe allergies and how important it is for you to remove all traces of protein.

signed one who is sick and tired of the bloody idiots out there!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Raw Foods Diet, B12 and Heart Surgery

I am NOT a Doctor and what I say here is my own opinion and is not expressed to treat, cure or diagnose a disease or illness and is not meant to replace or substitute for the advice of a doctor. With that said, the below is strictly my own opinion on what I would do if I had heart surgery, or had heart surgery and diabetes.This also applies is surgery is done where the ilium is effected, as medical science has proven that those who have had surgery that affected the ilium do not process synthetic B12.

If I have had heart surgery, then I would NOT recommend synthetic vitamins as my sole source of B12 UNLESS my Doctor tests my B12 levels and found them to be fine. I'd also get these levels tested every 6 months or so. Why? There is increasing evidence that points to synthetic forms of B12 is not being absorbed by those who have had heart surgery. My cousin says that he can tell when he has not had a satisfactory source of protein from a non-vegetable source. A Raw Foodist who has been a vegetarian for many years, but then went on the Raw Foods Vegan diet found that she had problems absorbing enough B12. She also has had heart surgery.

Thus, I would add Dairy to my diet to get my B12 sources, as long as I could digest milk or cheese on a daily basis. However if I were diabetic, then I'd recommend Salmon, twice a week, but then eat Raw foods otherwise, and skip the dairy. The reason is that when a group of PCMA Doctors did a study, they found that the Vegan diet reversed diabetes, but the control diet had some damage to the kidneys. However, the control diet ate fish and chicken. The other diet was the so-called "recommended" diet for those with diabetes. This diet included Beef and Chicken. Diary comes from the same animals that Beef and Chicken comes from (even though technically, egg isn't dairy). Thus, I recommend eating fish instead, if I had heart surgery and was diabetic too.

However, if you have not had heart surgery, then your body most likely will digest B12 from Synthetic sources very well. Nutritional Yeast only contains 5% of the RDA for B12, thus supplements are recommended. Also, do get your B12 levels tested by a Doctor every 6 months to a year to be sure that your body absorbs synthetic B12 properly. You will find elsewhere, at least one suggestion that Nutritional Yeast twice a week with no supplements are fine on a Vegan diet. I disagree as this gives you too little B12 per week according to the FDA recommendations. You would only get around 10% of one day's recommended B12 to last  you an entire week! Not good at all.

According to , 1 large Egg, the Egg whites only, contain .03 Vitamin B12, the same as 1 Cup White Raw Mushrooms. This would be the fresh Button Mushrooms. Also, it is said that vitamins B1, B3, C, E and the minerals Iron and Copper can damage the B12. This is why taking B12 supplements with Orange Juice isn't a good idea. Supplements with concentrates of B12 greater then 20 mcg will give you a better chance of absorbing the B12 given the fact that other vitamins destroy B12. 2.4 - 2.8 mcg is the recommended intake for B12 as of 1998. However, I wouldn't be too concerned about overdosing as no toxic effects have been found yet for B12.

B12 vitamin deficiency signs include fatigue, weakness, weight loss and loss of appetite, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, balance issues, confusion, depression, poor memory, dementia, constipation and of course, anemia. A deficiency can cause permanent nerve damage.

In conclusion, those who have had heart surgery should check with their doctor to be sure they aren't anemic and shouldn't rely on synthetic vitamins. Incidentally, shots for anemia is usually not recommended for those who have had heart surgery. Your doctor can tell you more about this. I'm told that it can be lethal. Fish twice a week, with a Raw Foods diet otherwise, is what I would do if diagnosed with Diabetes and have had heart surgery. Otherwise, I'd use Dairy sources to avoid killing to eat. Do see Dr. Neal Barnard for information on Vegan diet's effect on reversing Diabetes.


Why am I writing this in this way? The FDA is very particular as to who says what, and what is said. They prefer drugs as cures as they believe that no food can ever cure or reverse disease or illness. They only want you to believe that drugs are necessary for everything thing we have a drug made to cure or treat. Sorry, but I would also support the disbanning of the FDA and instead having a Food Association and then another department that is the Drug Association.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Regional Discrimination from Canada?!?

Bloody Discriminatory Link:

Why the bloody hell are they saying for Canada only? I get the show IN AMERICA! Why are so many Media sites that deal with TV shows BANNING USA from viewing their content? What did we do to them? It is NOT the type of licensing issue where they lack the international license to accommodate USA. Canada IS Region 1. I should have these stupid archaic issues with EU shows.

To say that I am over discrimination by where someone lives is an gross understatement. It is WAY PAST TIME for us to STOP BANNING PEOPLE BECAUSE OF WHERE THEY LIVE! This is a global world with products being sold all over the world from all over the world. It is time that all products were avaliable everywheres including the privileged, discriminatory, racist entertainment media! Down with the site, tv channels, and shows that discriminate by territory!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Idiotic Brainless Cops...

I have MUCH respect for cops. However, sometimes they make bad choices. 

IF a guy is KNOWN to be abusive...
IF a guy is ORDERED to stay away from specific person...
IF a guy violates order often...
THEN Why the bloody hell are we letting this guy stay OUT of prison?

Why are we letting him out on bond after he has violated bond just so he can murder?
Why do we not take domestic violence seriously?
Why do we not care who dies because of domestic violence?
Why do we not care to teach our children how to deal with violence and stop it?
Why do we not teach life skills, Behavorial Modification techniques, and other Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to children so that they will have better chance of being healthy citizens?
Why do we not teach people how to overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Why do we not teach people how to overcome abusive childhoods?

When we do not educate people, they often become abusers just like the people who previously abused them.
When we do not keep dangerous people who violate bond or parole in jail, we in effect say we support them killing whomever they may.

I realize that Prisons are over crowded. I realize that we don't have the money to keep everyone jailed who should be in jail. However, I think it is time we start educating people from the age of THREE YEARS OLD so that we can have less people being violent.

One mother died at the hands of her ex because cops rearrested him for violating bond, but let him go within two hours time. He was initially arrested for abuse. I do not know one cop who says Domestic violence cases are easy to deal with. They all say that domestic violence cases are the most dangerous cases to walk in on.We now have a child without her mother... all because the cops were to foolish to keep a dangerous con in jail.